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Our players update and review new casino games at different online sites every single day. We do not have special deals with certain online casino brands and push them to the top. Our reviews and ratings are based solely on gamblers' experiences, and therefore we know for sure which sites have the best bonuses and wagering requirements, which have the best and loosest slots, which payout their winnings fast, and which should be avoided at all costs. The online casino reviews listed below are the top ten rated sites according to our players. No reviews on the Internet are more personal than ours.

Online CasinoBonusRatingSite LinkFree Download
Rushmore Casino$8889.8Visit Site!Install Software!
Cherry Red Casino$7779.5Visit Site!Install Software!
Rome Casino$4009.3Visit Site!Install Software!
Club USA Casino$7509.0Visit Site!Install Software!

Play Safe at Online Casinos

It is important to understand a few basic principals about gambling before playing at an online casino. The first, and most important, aspect to understand is that gambling is for entertainment purposes only. You should never play a casino game because you need money. You should not try to 'win big'. The problem with trying to win big is that if you win small you won't want to stop. Successful casino players, that is, those who enjoy their experience and sometimes walk away with more than they came in with, are those who know when to walk away.

Another important tip to keep your gambling fun is to stick with a budget. For instance, say you want to play right now and you have an extra $100 to spend. Understand before you start playing that all you have to play with is that $100. You should not dip back into your credit card, or bank account, or even your pocket, in order to play some more. If you lose your whole $100 in ten minutes, well, that's tough luck. If you want your money to last longer, learn about some gambling tips that will help you play longer, while still allowing you good chances to win some real money.

Casino Software Reviews

Yes, Rome Casino competes with Rushmore Casino, they both compete with InterCasino and All Slots competes with Roxy Palace, and hundreds of others all compete with them, but those are just the brand names. They are simply branded versions of all the same software, and the software is where the true big dollar competition lays.

So let's clear this all up. First, there are the publicly traded software companies that do not allow USA casino players during times of the UIGEA. These are Cryptologic, Dragonfish, Microgaming, and Playtech. Then there are the software companies that allow players from all over the world to play at their 'branded' casinos. Those companies are Real Time Gaming, Rival Gaming, Top Game, and Vegas Technology. That is about it. Every one of the online casino reviews you come across on the Internet is really just a review of one of those software companies. Reviewers will point out that their are major differences amongst these casinos, but the fun stuff, the games, are all the same. Differences include graphics of the lobby, bonuses offered, quality of customer support, and other stuff. However, the games are all the same, and assuming a player finds a reputable brand, that is all the players really cares about.

Now, just because a software company is publicly traded or licensed in a country that you have heard of before, doesn't mean it is a better software. For instance, 888.com is powered by Dragonfish. This is the most profitable company in the industry, everyone has heard of 888.com, yet any experienced online player will tell you that this is the worst software on the Internet and one of the shadiest online casinos. Their games, in a word most used by most reviewers, suck. Their reputation to those who really know about casino games, in a word used most by those who hand out casino ratings, sucks. By contrast, Vegas Technology, which allows its brands to accept US players because it doesn't have to answer to powerful government agencies, is well known by players as the software with the best and most fun slot tournaments online.

To add to the confusion, Cryptologic, which is a publicly traded company on the UK indexes, is a far superior casino software to most other companies, yet it only powers a very small number of brands that a player will come across online. So, the next time you come across a review that brags about the games, realize that if a casino is powered by Microgaming, and another casino is powered by Microgaming, they are both likely to have the same exact games. So pay attention to their reputation, what trusted site reviews say about them. Do they payout winnings quickly? Do they answer emails and phone calls immediately? Do they have good bonus requirements and offers that will help you win, not suck you in?

Luckily, you are here, so you know every casino we review is trusted, so go read our reviews and enjoy playing at any of the brands that are powered by any of the great online casino software companies.

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