Aug 16

The free online slot tournaments have become all the rage among online casino players. Sadly some online casinos have done away with them. Luckily All Slots Casino is still offering and plenty of them too!

Many of the Free slot tournaments offered inside All Slots Casino are giving away tickets into the Grand Slam of Slots Tournament. The Grand Slam of Slot Tournament is taking place in October and is awarding over $1 Million in cash prizes.

Some of these same free tournament that are giving away tickets to the Grand Slam are also awarding cash. The cash prizes range anywhere from $150-$1,000. The featured games for the Free Slot Tournaments are Avalon, Tomb Raider, Loaded, and Hitman. All of these slots offer rewarding bonus features that can easily send a player to the top.

So if your one of the players that is going through withdrawals over free tournaments, check out All Slots Casino. They will surely satisfy your hunger.

Aug 14

Every weekend in the month of August, both Online Vegas Casino and Golden Casino are offering up 20K to be won in a slot tournament. Their tournament lobby are quite bare these days, but a $9.99 tournament to win up to 20K is fairly good deal.

Tonight, August 14th, 2009 starting at 8pm, online players can log into either Online Vegas Casino or Golden Casino and register and play the 20K Guaranteed Weekend Madness Tournament. Player must have a real money account and the cost is $9.99 to play. The tournament will continue all weekend until Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 at 8pm.

Online players will receive a $325.00 balance and are required to make at least 20 wagers to qualify for prizes. In the case that the first balance is not enough, both casinos are allowing players unlimited re-buys for the same $9.99. They receive another $325.00 and must make the same 20 wagers.

The pay table consists of 200 top prizes. First place will walk away with a cool $9,000.00, while 200th place will earn $10.00. There are currently only 513 sign-ups, which means plenty of room to make it into the money.

So what are you waiting for? Log into Online Vegas Casino or Golden Casino by Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 for your shot at the 20K Guaranteed Weekend Madness Tournament.

Aug 13

Just one week left until the only free tournament in the month of August from Online Vegas Casino. The Remembering A Legend tournament already has over 30,000 online casino players signed up. Have you remembered to register?

It is no surprise that many have already registered, especially since the tournament has been in the lobby for almost a month now. As we get closer to the main event, more and more players are signing up.

Starting on Friday, August 21st, 2009 at 7pm, the Remembering a Legend tournament is offering a guaranteed prize pool of $15,000.00. The are 200 top prizes to be paid, with first place earning $5,100.00.

The entry is free. Players will begin with a balance of $100.00 and they must make 20 wagers to qualify to be in the money. There are unlimited re-buys available for $8.99. Players who choose to re-buy they will receive a balance of $325.00 and must make the same 20 wagers to qualify.

The featured slot is The Reel Deal. The Reel Deal offers one of the most interactive bonus features and player can win up to 100,000 to add to their balance, which would make it nearly impossible for others to reach.

Online casino players do have about a week to sign up for the only free Remembering a Legend tournament, but why wait? Go to Online Vegas Casino and get it done today!

Aug 13

There has been a major change recently inside the Golden Casino tournament lobby. For those of you who are not aware, Golden Casino has done away with it’s free tournaments in the month of August.

This is not to say that they will not be back again in September, but be sure there are many online casino players out there wishing for them. Since the latest removal of the free tourney, Golden Casino has offered up some others that players may be interested in.

Starting tonight, August 13th, 2009 at 7pm, Golden Casino has a $2500 for real and $2500 bonus bucks Guaranteed tournament. The cost is $5.00 to enter and this tournament will run until tomorrow, August 14th, at 7pm. The featured slot is Cash Caboose which gives player plenty of opportunity to rack up the balance with big bonus possibilities.

To cash in on this event, players who enter will start with a $250.00 balance and be required to make at least 20 wagers. Golden Casino does offer unlimited re-buys for another $5.00. Players who re-buy will receive another $250.00 and be required to make the same 20 wagers.

Out of the 150 top players who will receive a prize, its 1st place that will be most happy. The first place prize is $1200.00, a decent pay out for a $5.00 entry. These particular $5K tourneys are available each evening day to day, from 7pm til 7pm. Don’t miss out on Golden Casino’s Frugal Friday Tournament, starting tomorrow morning at 10am, where players can start off their weekend with a piece of $1000.00.

Online gamers should check out Golden Casino‘s tournament lobby for complete details on both tournaments or perhaps to take place in one of their other tournaments offered.

Aug 09

Super Slots Casino online has been on a roll lately with their tournament lobby. Since this online casino is offering so many different tournaments, it may be hard for online players to choose which of them to enter.

One tournament that online players may not give much thought about shedding $10.00 for is the Summer Slots Series Part 3, which is offering up a $200,000.00 prize pool. This tournament only started days ago and already 1,928 players have participated. The good thing is half of those players are already out and the prize pool contains prizes for 8000 players! This tournament will run until the end of the month.

Two other $10.00 tournaments are a $3000 Deuces Wild Face Off and $5000 Blackjack Weekend Classic. Both of these tourneys run until tonight, August 9th, 2009 at midnight. In addition, they offers unlimited re-buys.

For only $3.00, online players can take part in the Slot tery tournament, featuring 5 reel video bonus slot, Fat Cat. The prize pool is already up to $10,521.00 and pays out percentages to 500 players. Online players can continue to enter until August 11th, 2009 at Noon.

Tomorrow, Monday August 10th, 2009, online gamers can be apart of a bunch of $2.00 tournaments which vary in prizes and types of games. Super Slots Casino is constantly updating their tournament lobby. Online players should make it a habit to check the lobby daily, because their is always at least one freebie to play.

Aug 09

Today, August 9th, 2009, in about a half an hour, online gamers can enjoy free tournaments inside All Slots Casino. This is great news seeing is how many free tournaments have been cut from other online casinos.

There are four total over the coarse of today. All Free, but have different prizes. The two featured slots for each are Avalon and Loaded, both 5 reel video bonus slots. Although they are free, online players must create a real money account to participate. This is necessary in case players place in the money.

The prizes available are a free tickets into the Grand Slam and cash. There is still plenty of room and time to be apart of the fun. In addition to today’s free tournaments, there are 2 others coming up tomorrow.

For complete rules and details, visit All Slots Casino and enter the tournament lobby.

Aug 09

The tournament lobby inside Golden Casino seems to be quiet these days with the recent removal of the free online tournaments. In fact they have even reduced their Weekend Madness tournaments as well.

Once the 30K Weekend Madness Tournament is now only 20K, along with the entry fee dropping as well. Now online players can play for their share of 20K, by only risking $9.99. This is somewhat of a better deal for players risking half, but only loosing a third of the prize pool.

The featured slot is Doctor Love. With doctor Loves rewarding bonus rounds, online players should have plenty of opportunity to make it to the top. For $9.99, players will start off with $325.00 balance and a minimum of 20 wager requirement. This tournament does offer unlimited re-buys for $9.99.

The first place finisher is looking at a prize of $9000.00, while 200th place will receive $10.00. The current leader is sitting with a balance of over $60,000.00. Online players have until August 11th, 2009 at 7pm to try and catch this leader, or at least knock someone out of the top 200.

Visit Golden Casino‘s tournament lobby for complete details.

Aug 06

With the recent end of the free online tournaments inside Online Vegas Casino, online players will have to dip into their pockets to enjoy some tournament fun. Thankfully Online Vegas Casino is making it a light dip.

Players can start off their weekends by trying to win a portion of a $1000.00 prize pool for only $1.49. These are Online Vegas Casinos Frugal Friday Tournaments and they have going on now for about 3 weeks. Having much success they are going to continue throughout the month of August.

Starting tomorrow at 10am, August 7th, 2009, online players can log onto Online Vegas Casino and participate all day until 7:45pm. First prize is $300.00, all the way to 50th place receives $5.00. Players start with $150.00 and must make a minimum of 20 wagers. They are allowed unlimited re-buys for only $1.49 and the re-buy balance is $225.00. The featured slot is 5 Reel Wheel of Chance.

Other tournaments offered this weekend is the once 30K, now 20K Weekend Madness for only $9.99. First place finishers can win $9000.00, while the 200th place wins $10.00. To be apart of the weekend tournaments at Online Vegas Casino, simply visit their site

Aug 05

It is a sad story, but Online Casino Reviews must report that two of Vegas Technologies casinos, Golden Casino and Online Vegas Casino, have removed their free tournaments from their tournament schedule. Both of these online casinos have made a reputation for themselves of offering the free tournaments to online players and many will be disappointed and sadden by this loss.

“The Free Tournaments were a way for me to enjoy myself right now that our family is a little light on cash. If ever I had placed, which had happened quite often, I used the money to put right back in to the larger tournaments. It was a win win situation for both the casino and myself. I am quite shocked.” stated Joseph Handler from Newark, NJ.

Joseph is not the only shocked and upset online casino player, in fact may lost souls will not know what to do with their lunch hours, now that the LunchBreak $100 tourney is gone, or at night to wind down without the $250 for real tourneys.

Golden Casino and Online Vegas Casino have not ceased tournaments all together. They are still offering the Micheal Jackson, Remembering a Legend Tournament for free. They have replaced the fun free tournaments with $0.50, $0.99, and $1.49 tourneys, but they may find this is not the way to go.

With so many online players using winnings from the free tournaments and pumping them right back in, now they will be forced to make a deposit and most will not be willing to do so. Online Casino Reviews will continue to keep all online players and lovers of the free slot tournaments updated to any further developments.

Aug 04

Although the 30K Weekend Madness Tournament began late Friday evening, online gamers still have time to cash in on this weeks big prize. Golden Casino‘s 30K Madness Tournament is running through tonight, August 4th, 2009, ending at 8pm, registration ends at 7pm.

The 30K Weekend Madness Tournament cost online players only $20.00 to enter and play for a prize pool of $30,000.00. First prize walks away $10,000.00 richer, while 74 other top finishers walk away with a little as well.

Players start with a $325.00 balance and must make 20 wagers to qualify. This tournament offers unlimited re-buys, where the balance is then bumped to $350.00. The featured slot is Solomon’s Mines, which has a bonus round that could easily send a player to the top.

The current leader is Luckywin holding a little over $80,000, behind him is Tresmom with $50,000.00. With a few swift visits to the bonus round, players could make these balances up in no time. Last Week a California Man took home the $10K prize.

For complete details, please visit Golden Casino Tournament Lobby. If it seems that tonight may not be possible, don’t worry, Golden Casino offers one every week starting on Fridays at 8pm.

Jul 31

Just 3 short hours ago Golden Casino started a slot tournament where a total prize pool of $5000.00 is up for grabs for just a few dollars! Online players can get involved in the online slot tournament by simply logging onto

The 5K Guaranteed $2500 for real plus $2500 slot tournament started at 7pm tonight, July 30, 2009, but online players still have time to participate because the tournament is not over until 7pm tomorrow, July 31st, 2009.

For $5.00 players will start with $250.00 balance with a 20 spin minimum bet requirement. In the case that the first $250.00 is not enough, Golden Casino is allowing players an unlimited amount of re-buys for $5.00 more. The same balance of $250.00 is given along with the same betting requirements.

The featured slot is Mermaid’s Quest, which offers bonus rounds and free spins. A total of 150 top players will receive a prize from the $5000.00 pool. The first prize is $1200.00 cash and the 150th place is $5.00 bonus bucks.

Online players do not want to miss out on this opportunity, with only 372 participates so far, there is still room to make it into the money. Remember to register at by 6pm tomorrow for your piece of $5000.00!

Jul 29

A double-inductee into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, 13 Grammy Awards, 13 #1 Hit Songs, and an estimated over 750 Million Records sold. A title, deservedly as the “King of Pop” and a philanthropist who donated millions of dollars to 39 charities, also raised money through his own Heal the World Foundation.

We all know who I am talking about, and this man, this performer, was truly The Real Deal, Micheal Jackson. For those of you devote fans who are still mourning his loss, there is one more way that though his memory and a little help from the folks over at Vegas Technologies, you can share in some charity of your own.

Vegas Technologies two major online casinos, Golden Casino and Online Vegas Casino are soon hosting a week long tournament named “Remembering a Legend”. This tournament will guarantee a $15,000.00 prize pool and make 200 top finishers lucky winners.

Just simply registering and playing in the tournament makes you a winner because it is completely FREE! This MJ inspired tournament begins at 7pm on August 21st, 2009 and runs until 9pm, August 28th, 2009. Players receive a starting balance of $100.00 and must make a minimum of 20 wagers to qualify. Players do have an unlimited re-buy option for $8.99, where they would then start off with a $325.00 and have the same minimum requirement of 20 wagers.

The featured slot is appropriately, The Reel Deal, which if any of you have played, has a bonus round to die for! The first place finisher is looking at a prize of $5100, while the 200th place finisher will receive $10.00. The “Remembering A Legend” Tournament already has over 26,000 entrants and is sure to be one of the largest tournaments to date.

Fan or Foe, online players would be crazy to miss this exclusive online slot tournament. To register players must have a real money account, even though no monies are required for deposit. Log onto or for registration and complete details, rules, and restrictions.

Jul 27

Online players looking for some great online casino tournaments this week, should look no further than Super Slots Casino. Inside Super Slots Casino, their tournament lobby is jam packed with tons of excitement!

Right now in Super Slots Casino Lobby is offering 13 different kind of tournaments taking place within the next two weeks. That’s right, they have tournaments already out there for online players to register for two weeks ahead of time. These tournaments all range in price from Free to $10.00 per entry. The 13 tournaments alone offer over $415,000.00 in prizes.

Two of the major tournaments available are the Summer Slot Series tournaments. Each costing players $10.00 to enter, but both provide a prize pool of $200,000.00 each. Some of the other tournaments include Video Poker and Blackjack. This is one of Vegas Technologies casinos that offers the widest variety of tournaments available to players.

For complete entry and prize information, including dates and times, please visit

Jul 25

This fall there is only one place where online casino players can be a part of one of the largest ever online slot tournament, All Slots Casino. All Slots Casino is well known for their wide selection of games and slots, their slot thermometer, jackpots and tournaments. In addition to all of the above, All Slots Casino is one of the only casinos that consistently releases new games for their players.

Those are just a few reasons why one would always play at All Slots Casino, but this fall, they wanted to offer their players a little extra, over $2 million dollars extra! The Grand Slam of Slots is not only the largest ever slot tournament, but it is very exclusive seeing its players can only be a part of it by invite or to win a spot.

For the last couple of weeks, All Slots Casino has been offering free online feeder tournaments into the Grand Slam of Slots. These free feeder tournaments also come with some perks. They have their own prizes and some are up to $500.00 cash!

For complete details and requirement issues to be apart of this legendary online tournament, players can visit

Jul 24

It’s Friday again and Golden Casino is in full force with its weekend tournaments. So far posted in the Tournament Lobby is 9 tournaments this weekend all with buy-ins ranging from Free to $20.00. This leaves plenty of opportunity for all types of players to cash in and make this weekend your weekend of winning.

First up today is the Lunchbreak Freeroll with a prize pool of $100 for free. Next is the two tournaments that are still carrying over from last night, Video Poker Percentage Pot Free) and the $5000 Guaranteed ($5.00). This morning the Frugal Friday tournament started at 10am and runs until 8pm tonight. The prize pool is $1000 for only $1.49 to play.

Tonight starting between 7pm-8pm, the real weekend action begins. There is another Video Poker percentage free tournament, but also for free a $4000 Bucks Freeroll Bonanza tournament. The video poker runs until tomorrow night, but the $4000 Freeroll Bonanza runs until July 27th at 7pm.

The big weekend tournament starts tonight at 8pm, 30K Weekend Madness. This tournament features the slot Magic Carpet and costs $20.00 to enter. The prize pool is 30K with 75 top players being paid out. This tournament features unlimited re-buys and a first prize of $3500.

There are also two other tournaments beginning tomorrow. Golden Casino is one of the best online casinos when it comes to slot tournaments. To take part in their tournaments visit and create a real money account. Enter the tournament lobby and complete details are listed there.

Jul 23

Since July 1st, 2009, online players have been flocking to Super Slots Casino major online slot tournament, the Summer Slots Series. This tournament features 3 month long Slot tournaments that offer $700,000.00 in prize money. Now your interested right?

Last month, online players played from June 10th until July 1st for a $200,000.00 prize. Then immediately after it finished that day, Super Slots Casino started the 2nd part of their series, which will run all month long, until August 1st, 2009. Players still have plenty of time to be apart of this extreme slot tournament.

This month’s slot is 5 Reel Wheel of Chance. The prize pool is the same as last month, $200,000.00. There have been over 2,000 entrants this month alone and with 10 days left, there are sure to be even more. The entry fee is only $10.00 for online players and the tournament pays out the top 8000 players. The first place prize is $50,000.00 with a chance at an additional $100,000.00 prize pool.

The third part of the series will start on August 1st, 2009. This is one of the longest running and largest prize pool for any online slot tournament. To be apart of these tournaments, players must go to and create a real money account, make their deposit, and then enter the tournament lobby. In addition to the slot tournaments, Super Slots Casino is also offering $300.00 on players first deposits. (Certain restrictions apply)

Jul 19

Tomorrow July 20th at 7pm, Online Vegas Casino will shut down their free $4000 Bonus Buck Freeroll Bonanza. So as of today, online players still have time to get involved. Online Vegas Casino continues to daily offer great online slots tournaments that cater to each type of players needs.

This weekend alone over 34,000 online players have participated in atleast one of Online Vegas Casino online tournaments. This includes two slot tournaments and one video poker tournament. The $4000 Bonus Buck Freeroll is just one of many free tournaments offered throughout the month. Players can log on daily to participate in free tournaments.

To play free tournaments, online players must create a real money account, but they do not need to deposit any money. Simply log on to Online Vegas Casino open a real money account, using real information and then players are ready to play! The real money account needs to be eastablished in the cash that you place in the money.

Over 20,000 players have tried for their chance at some extra cash this weekend and so far the leader is only holding a balance of 65,817. The 2nd place finisher is far behind with only 24,106, so players have plenty of time tonight to place themselves in the top ten. This tournament will pay out 250 top players with a first place prize of $1000.00.

For complete details and rules regarding any of Online Vegas Casinos online tournaments, please visit their site.

Jul 16

Online gamers there is only one slot tournament to be apart of this weekend at it can be found at Online Vegas Casino. Online Vegas Casino often holds the 30K Guaranteed Weekend Madness Tournaments.

Starting at 8pm on Friday, July 17th, 2009 and run until Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 at 8 pm. Online players must register by 7pm on the 21st to enter the tournament. The 30K Guaranteed Weekend Madness tournament will only cost online slot lovers $20.00. Players start with a balance of $325.00 and a minimum requirement of 20 spins.

In the case that the first $325.00 is not enough, players can re-buy for $25.00 an unlimited number of times. The re0buy balance is $350.00 and the minimum number if spins is still 20. Prizes will be rewarded to the top 75 players, with first prize receiving $10,000.00!

The featured slot is Doctor Love, a 5 reel video bonus slot. Doctor Love gives players wild symbols and a free spin bonus round. Online casino players should not miss this opportunity to make some easy and fast cash.

For complete details, visit

Jul 16

Looking for an early pay day this week? Look no further than Golden Casino. Golden Casino holds some of the most popular, cheap, and rewarding slot tournaments online. Two nights this week online players can take advantage of trying to win $10,000 for only $10.00.

Tonight, July 15th, 2009 started the first of the two, which holds a $5000 Guaranteed prize pool. It started at 7pm and runs until tomorrow July 16th, 2009, at 7pm. This slot tournament features the 5 reel video slot, Black Magic and only costs $5.00. Players will start with $250.00 balance and must make a minimum of 20 wagers. Registration ends tomorrow at 6pm, so players have plenty of time to get in on the action.

The second tournament starts tomorrow just as the previous tournament is finishing at 7pm on July 16th, 2009. This tournament will run until July 17th at 7pm, with registration ending at 6pm. The prize pool is the same $5000 Guaranteed. This tournament is featuring the 5 reel video bonus slot, Cash Caboose. The cost is only $5.00. Players will receive a $250.00 balance with a wager requirement of 20 spins.

Who wouldn’t want an early pay day? Each tournament will pay out 150 players with both having a 1st prize of $1200.00! That sounds like a start to a great weekend. Online players can enter these tournaments by visiting

Jul 12

All Slots Casino has made it very clear to the rest of the online gaming world, they intend on holding one of the largest online slot tournaments to date by offering the Grand Slam of tournaments. The Grand Slam of tournaments may not take place until late October, but free feeder tournaments have already begun.

The great thing about these tournaments are that beside winning a ticket into the main event, players also win cash and prizes! There are two feeder tournaments taking place tonight and both carry a €150 prize pool. The two featured games are Loaded and Avalon, both 5 reel video bonus slots with two very different themes.

The tournaments are free to enter. Players will receive 20000 coins and have 8 minutes to play. To continue play for an additional 7 minutes, it will cost players €5.00 and they will receive 14000 coins. If player wish to re-buy into the tournament, they can do so for €5.00 and they will receive 20000 coins.

These free feeder tournaments will be available to players just about everyday. So there is absolutely no reason why you should have a reason to not enter. The main event carries a $1M dollar prize. An impressive 9500 players will be invited into the main tournament and 450 players will place in the money. An additional 32 random prizes will be given throughout play.

So as you can see there is a little something for many players, why shouldn’t it be you? Hurry over to All Slots Casino to get involved in the largest online slot tournament of the summer!

Slot Tournaments Player Rating: 10 Stars Out of 10 Stars

Play Slot Tournaments At All Slots Casino!
Read Our Full All Slots Casino Review!

Jul 11

On July 4th online players were given an opportunity by both Golden Casino and Online Vegas Casino, to win $144,444 for mere pennies. It is called the $144,444 Guaranteed 4th of July 44 cent special. To access this tournament players simply log into either of these casinos.

This tournament only costs online players $0.44 to enter. They will receive a $100.00 balance and are required to spin at least 20x. In the case that the first $100.00 is not enough, players can re-buy in the tournament for $20.00 and receive a $300.00 balance with the same 20 spin requirement. The re-buy option is unlimited.

The featured slot is Independence Day, which is fitting hence the name of the tournament. Independence Day is a 5 reel video bonus slot which offers players frequent wild symbols and rewarding bonus rounds.

It is half way through the tournament and the leader is only at $24K, which in slot tournament terms, is not very much. Online players still have until the July 17th at 7pm to register and the tournament ends at 8pm that day. The first place pay out is over $64K and there are pay outs all the way to 500th place. Even the 500th place finisher will receive $20.00.

For more information or to enter, simply go to or for complete details.

Jul 07

For the last week many, many fans and family members have been remembering the late and great, Michael Jackson. Although it may seem like an untraditional way to honor him, Vegas Technologies Casinos will be holding a slot tournament as a tribute to this great entertainer.

Players can Make A Change in their life, even if it just a small one, by playing to win $15K. Golden Casino will remember the loss of this musical icon with its “Remembering A Legend” tournament. This tournament will be completely free to enter and 200 top players will be awarded.

On August 21st the “Remembering A Legend” tournament will begin and finish on the King of Pop’s 51st birthday. Hurry over to Golden Casino today and sign up. It is as easy as Michael sang it, “ABC and 123″.

Jul 04

Online Vegas Casino offers two great tournaments in the spirit of this great American holiday, The 4th of July. The two tournaments can be entered for under $1.00 and players can win up to $18,888.00!

The first tournament is the 4th of July $4444 Bonus Bucks Bonanza. This tournament will run from July 3th, 2009 til July 6th, 2009. The tournament is completely free to enter and 250 top players will be awarded. This tournament also offers a re-buy for only $2.99.

The second tournament is the big one, $144,444 Guaranteed 4th of July 44 cent Special. this tournament is running for a bit longer than the other from July 3rd until July 17th. The cost to enter this tournament is only $0.44 and 500 players will be awarded, and one lucky winner will win $64,444.00! This tournament also offers players a re-buy option of $20.00 unlimited.

In addition to these great tournament, players can take advantage of special bonus offers today only. Players can choose one of three different bonuses, each great in their own right. The bonuses range from 50%, 75% and 100% match bonuses on deposits ranging from $25.00, all the way to $1000.00.

To participate in Online Vegas Casinos All American 4th of July Special, please visit Here at Online Casino Reviews encourages players read complete details before accepting any and all bonus offers.

Jun 29

As reported earlier this month inside Online Casino Review, Super Slots Casino is is having their Summer Slots Series. This is a four part slot tournament series. It started on June 10th at noon and as of today only 2,153 participants have played.

This is exactly why you should get yourself on over there. There are payouts for over 8000 players! All it takes is an account and $10.00 to play for your part of $200K. That’s right guys $200K. Even if you were to join right now, players would still get their money back, so it is almost like a free tourney! This slot will be finished on July 1st at 12:01am.

For $10.00, each player starts with a $200.00 balance and is required to make a minimum of 5 wagers. Players can re-buy for an additional $10.00 and they will be reloaded with $210.00 and have to make a minimum of 5 wagers.

The feature slot? The Right Prize. This slot is so much fun. It will remind players of all ages of the popular TV game show, The Price is Right. The second part of this series starts on July 1st at 12:01am. The tournament is the same as this one, but the featured game is 5 Reel Wheel OF Chance, based off the game show, Wheel of Fortune.

What are you waiting for? Grab your $10.00 and get in on the action over at Super Slots Casino! For complete details of the Summer Slots Series, click on the promotions button in the visitors lobby of the casino. Good Luck!

Summer Slots Series Player Rating: 10 Stars Out of 10 Stars

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Jun 22

Each and every weekend Golden Casino offers some great online slot tournaments and this month only, all of them are free. That’s right, for the past couple of weeks every tournament offered has been completely free to play.

One that has created much buzz is the 50K FreeRoll tournament that was first held last weekend and is back again this weekend. It started on June 19th at 8pm, but don’t worry players, you can still get in on the action. This tournament will be running until June 23rd, closing registration at 7pm.

To be apart of the tournament, players must have a real money account. No deposit is necessary, but a real account is required in the case that players place or perhaps they want to re-buy. All players will start with a $150.00 balance and are required to make a minimum of 20 bets.

The featured slot is Tiki Lounge, a 5 reel video bonus slot themed at a Tiki Bar. If in the case that Golden Casino first $150.00 does not do the trick, players can re-buy in for $15.00 and receive an additional $200.00. This option is unlimited to players. A total of 300 players will place in this tournament. First prize is looking at $15,000.00 real cash, while the 300th place finisher is going to receive $28.00 in bonus bucks.

Golden Casino is known for being one of the quickest paying casinos, simply by depositing your winnings right into your account. For more information on the 50K Freeroll, check for complete details.